I don’t believe in Failing Faster

You’ve heard it. Probably a million times. “Fail faster,” they say. Emphasis on ‘Fail.’

I don’t believe in it. I refuse.

In business (and life), we spend so much time focusing on failing. Failing relationships, people failing in their job duties, processes failing to meet expectations, whatever it may be. The answer always seems to be “Find what’s not working and move on.”

Let me be clear, I have no problem with making mistakes – and failing. I do this every day.

Failing faster is becoming an excuse

The problem I have is that nobody wants to focus on success. Failing faster has become a cop-out.

I believe we are more powerful than we ever give ourselves credit for. I believe we will always achieve what we focus on. If failure is your focus, you will fail. If success is your focus, you will succeed.

I’m tired of seeing people deemed as failures in their job or as a hire. I’m tired of watching marriages crumble, while ‘fail faster’ is the excuse they use to avoid hard work.

Success doesn’t come easy. Success isn’t even an end product. Success is the road we travel of mistakes and failures, always searching for something better.

Succeeding faster – my new standard

So from today forward, I’m done ‘failing faster.’ I’m ‘succeeding faster.’

By focusing on success, I will find success among mistakes and hard times. I have dreams, and I plan to make them realities.

I’m taking processes that work and letting them run. I’ll take the ones that aren’t working as well and make them better.

I’m taking the people who do good work and finding ways to make them repeatable.

Tanner Petroff

Tanner Petroff

Tanner Petroff is a web marketer who has worked on a variety of projects for a number of companies, including Fit Marketing, Sportsman's Warehouse, KSL.com, and Boostability. In my spare time, I enjoy golf, racquetball, rock climbing, and spending time with friends. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.