AdWords Enhanced Campaigns - Easier For Businesses?

If you’re unaware, here’s the gist of Enhanced Campaigns

Google introduced Enhanced campaigns so that you could easily manage and control bids, locations, ad types, and extensions from a single campaign easily. So for those of you running 20-30 campaigns in any given account, this update is for you. Desktop and tablet bids are now synonymous, and you can adjust your bids by percentage on mobile devices (but not tablets), location, or time of day.

Photo Credit - Google

Photo Credit – Google

I’m not worried about average CPCs jumping up

I know there’s been a lot of talk about the whole enhanced campaign “upgrade” that every campaign will automatically be switched to this coming Monday, July 22nd. Most people claim it’s the apocalypse of Google AdWords and cheap mobile clicks. Since everyone will be automatically set up to bid on mobile devices, there is the possibility that competition for mobile device terms will go up, and so will CPC prices. However, that’s really not what I’m concerned about.

Why did Google take control away from me?

Why am I no longer able to bid on tablets? The browsers are different, and render differently, so what gives? I’ve thought through this many times, and I can’t figure out what on earth Google was thinking when they decided not to let me bid on tablets. They even kept tablets and desktops in different categories, but just took my control away. Serious?

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Devices

What happened to practical application?

This is another question I can’t seem to find an answer to. Say that I’m in the middle of an awareness campaign for a business with a few different locations. I’m allowing Google to set my bids for me to get the maximum amount of clicks. This works well, until I decide that I would also like to increase my bid on mobile devices within a couple miles of each location. Since enhanced campaigns should give me complete control over my bidding, I should be able to handle all of this in a single campaign, under a single budget, right? Sadly, no. In this case, I’ll still need to create an additional campaign to set manual bids by location. Is that lame, or what?

There’s still hope, this product is young

I’m hoping that Google asks for a lot of feedback. I’d be happy to provide my own. In the end, these frustrations are pretty minor. Rolling out a newly developed product never goes over totally smooth, and especially not a change of this scale by a behemoth like Google. Developers will be working hard from here on out to make the product better, or at least, that’s my hope. Maybe soon, there will be even more functionality.

Tanner Petroff

Tanner Petroff

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